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White Wolf online reunion?

This is a long shot, but I am insanely curious.  Since a lot of us have been gaming for quite awhile,  did any of you play on the White Wolf HTML (and then java)  chats?   I was there for quite a few years on and off.  I played mostly in Infinity Chantry (of course)  but dipped my toes in the fun over at Firnost Freehold.
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Thinky thoughts about Mage: The Awakening

I've recently made a post to my journal about my experiences with Mage: The Awakening, difficulties I've had with the prescriptive nature of the paths and orders. Also my home-brewed versions of the Orders.

I'd welcome anyone's thoughts - on the matter, and on my home brew!

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Von's Advice: Victorian Age Vampire

I found this on a forum I've recently been thinking about returning to, and thought it was worth hauling out of the dustbin of history, dusting down and giving a new home here. It's by no means The One True Way to run Victorian Age Vampire or anything, just A Way To Run Victorian Age Vampire that's been quite successful.

Von On Victoriana )
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Welcome / Grand Opening Intro Post

Hi, welcome to [community profile] worldofdarkness! Let's get the ball rolling with some introductions, yes?

How long have you been roleplaying?
What WoD games have you played?
Favorite WoD game:
Anything else: